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Herbal Treatment for Impotence


Directions for use
2 Pills twice a day with warm milk.

WILD UNICORN  "Natural Treatment for Impotence, Low sperm volume, erection problems, early ejaculation and poor Libido.

A time tested clinically proven  Herbal Treatment for Impotency, Premature ejaculation, Low sperm count and early ejaculation.  Made with distinct organic herbs that are uniquely distinctly acknowledged for their ability to treat and cure ED, Impotence, Arousal and Low libido problems from century.
     With guaranteed results to cure various blood circulation, aging and other issues related to vitality, vigor, impotence and other day to day activities  Wild Unicorn is a stand alone All natural treatment for impotency that cures body without giving any adverse effects as compared to other market available drugs for impotence and erection.



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Wild Unicorn - Natural treatment for Impotence

Blood circulation plays a vital role in our body's overall functioning and health. The heart pumps blood through blood vessels within our circulatory system and red blood cells carry oxygen to our body's vital organs, providing vitality and energy. Adequate blood flow is the result of unison work of vital organs and circulatory system. Due to aging, disease, lack of physical work or condition that affects the circulatory system, blood flow may decrease.
Significantly resulting in poor vitality & vigor and less erections and arousals, early ejaculations, Poor semen volume etc
By regularizing and increasing blood flow or circulation in the body, not only help benefit the heart and the body's muscles and arteries throughout the body but also effect vitality, vigor and erection - arousal and Libido issues.

Increased and regularized blood flow and circulation to areas of our body helps promote cell growth, organ function and improves skin health for ability to fight off bacteria and infection that it may come in contact with and have a healthy color and you will feel warm to the touch. increased blood circulation throughout body enhances good look and a feeling of being healthy. Good blood flow / Blood circulation helps improve brain function and helps keep your mind sharp and focused. You will also be more equipped to handle stressful situations.

Wild Unicorn is a complex of rich herbs with their high anti -oxidants prosperities and ability to promote blood circulation to the body and all the vital organs and is very beneficial and result oriented in :
  • Wild Unicorn is known for its powerful aphrodisiac properties.
  • Improves blood flow and promotes oxygen carrying ability of Red blood cells and results in enhancement in male potency and female potency and overcoming signs of fatigue. Improves energy level and is good energy booster.
  • It is particularly used for individuals with low sperm count and low libido.
  • Regular use of Wild unicorn strengthens the general immune system of the body.
  • Tones Nervous system and works as a nutritive tonic for sexual weakness.
  • Control and prevent obesity.
  • Enhances the activities of vitamin C and antioxidant enzymes.
  • Helps in controlling and curing diabetes and arthritic conditions.
  • Its regular use causes increase in the level of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol) and decrease in the plasma and hepatic lipid profiles.
  • Apart from rejuvenating the reproductive system, it also prevents premature ejaculation.
  • It helps you to revive your life and keep hold of youthfulness in the body.
  • Promotes vigor and vitality in the body.
  • Anti Aging and also promotes elasticity and nourishment to arteries and veins to make them more pliable.
    Improves inner lining of blood vessels for better flow of blood.

Active Ingredients: Asparagus adscendens, Zingeber officinale, Piper longum, Piper nigrum, Amomum subulatum, Cinnamon zeylani cum, Cinnamomum tamala, Asparagus filicinus, Plumbago zeylanica, Tribulus terrestris, Withania somnifera, Terminalia chebula, Syzygium aromaticum, Myristica fragrans, Myristica fragrans, Asteracantha longifolia, Sida cordifolia, Salmalia malabarica, Gymnema sylvestre, Asphaltum punjabinum, Cinospora cordiofolia.

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